Our Mission

To identify web3 passions, train them in a collaborative and supportive remote environment and create an African web3 community.

Core Values

To guide our mission and foster growth of a sustainable web3 ecosystem, we prioritize the core values below.


We are enthusiastic about learning and more pumped to foster life-long learning.


We believe repeat interactions are a great contributor to career growth.


We intend to build a community through constant networking and sharing


We believe collaboration and team work greatly contribute to learning and growth

Program Timeline

We have designed a very interactive and collaborative 10 Week program to foster learning and community development while incentivizing the students



Introduced to web3 in 9 months


Onboarded, coding, open source contributors, participating in hacks and & working for various blockchain teams.



Active web3bridge community members and partners in Africa by 2023


Active web3 developers in Africa by 2023


    • Henry Onyebuchi

    Blockchain developer for Legogreen, creating smart contracts for security offerrings and decentralized applications for seamless transactions.

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    • Faith Obafemi

    Digital international lawyer, specializes in blockchain cryptocurrency and emerging technologies. Automating legal documents, integrated with smart contracts on OpenLaw.

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    • Victor Nwagbogwu

    Ethereum Blockchain developer, presently working as junior blockchain developer with the Ethereum Push Notification System(EPNS) team.

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    • Sam Ayorinde

    Blockchain intern at Brindocorp Technologies, Lagos Nigeria. Open Source contributor working with team to participate in GitCoin bounties/hack.

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    • Owanate Amachree

    Blockchain researcher, Technical writer & content developer


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